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About my painting

As a student of painting restoration I have studied several genres of paintings and the work of great masters, who have influenced me one way or another. When I first started to do my own painting I had to look deeply inside to find my identity as an artist. My wish was to reflect the world as it was filtered through me and to create a unique world inhabited by creatures of my imagination, illuminated by vibrant colours.

            Different dimensions  exist here and now, and it only depends on us what are we able to grasp. Even if we are not able to perceive these worlds, our curiosity, openness and ability to change the level of our consciousness can open up gates.

            I am very lucky because I feel at home in two cultures: I was born in Hungary, I was educated in the westrn world, but because of the nature of my soul I feel close to the Eastern cultures and philosophies. I was fortunate enough  to live in Jawa for more than two years, where I could experience a culture that is very different from where I was brought up, but which is very close to my soul. Because these two cultures meet within me, I become a gate myself. I pass through different worlds, and mix both in my life and artwork all that I have learned in the western world and what I have absorbed in the East.

With painting I also open up gates inside myself. The process of creating seems more important than the result – the painting itself. Painting for me is similar to the state of meditation, where time and space vanish. The empty canvas and the paper seem to be playgrounds in which to play.

I recount tales without a beginning or an end. The forms, colours and stories are not subordinates of a special meaning but exist on their own accord. The figures in are captured in a moment, a moment that can be eternal. I am fascinated by existence itself. By the harmony and strength of colours, the delicacy of certain gestures and the messages caught in a glance. Therefore when I am asked about the meaning of my paintings, I can not or do not want to give rational explanations.
            Some common features connecting all of my pictures: playfulness, humour, gentle irony and openness toward spiritual dimensions. Humour does not only characterise the finished pictures, but the process of painting itself. For me, creation means happiness and play.
            I would like to flow through the pictures, and bring joy, I would like to open up gates and to contribute to people perceiving their own colorful nature. I would like to suggest that the miracles of the everyday are within and around us, and that we can only see these if we are able to calm our mind and cease our judgements.
Even if for moments only, but we can grasp the sensation of existing, being present in the moment… the colors would immediately bright up and the world would be one of harmony.

Marta Kiss